Are Americans paying a heavy price due to Trump’s disdain for experts?

President Trump recently exposed his stupidity when he urged experts to check the possibility of injecting disinfectant like product in patients to treat coronavirus infection.

Until now, the United States has suffered more sickness, deaths, and economic harm compared to other developed countries. On the other hand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore Government are earning appreciation for tracing, quarantining suspected cases on time. Is it right to attribute the US’s unpreparedness to President Trump?  Several instances show Trump’s disdain for experts. For a higher level of understanding, we interacted with a host of experts. 

Here’re excerpts from our interaction with Professor Devashish Mitra, Former R&AW Officer R.K. Yadav, Baloch American journalist Ahmar Mustikhan, and Former VP of Sahara India Pariwar, Rajiv K Bajaj.

Devashish Mitra is a Professor of Economics and Cramer Professor of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University (New York, US). He recently interacted with us via email and shared his opinion on the issue.

“There is reporting that there was a US intelligence report in November about this deadly virus originating in Wuhan. There was also reporting that around January, it was part of the President’s daily intelligence briefing. Then there was also a memo sometime in January itself from one of Trump’s advisors, Peter Navarro warning the government about the threat of this virus. By February 24-25 (when he went to India), Trump certainly knew about it. But I think he was himself not taking this threat of the virus seriously. It seems he was equating its fatality to that of influenza. Also, for some reason, he doesn’t seem to trust his intelligence agencies.  All previous US presidents have shown more respect for experts and their opinions and advice and listened to them. Trump does not do that.”

“India probably knows by now that Trump is a bully. Perhaps, India thought that since Trump was desperate to get the hydroxychloroquine, it was an excellent opportunity to earn some valuable foreign exchange. One has to realize that India’s export ban was perfectly legal by WTO rules, which allow trade barriers (including export barriers) for public health reasons.”

Here’s what senior Baloch American journalist Ahmar Mustikhan had to say on Trump’s recent decisions.

“Trump, America’s 45th President, is a disgrace for the USA. He had at first put aside the dangers of the COVID-19. His chief of staff had tried to warn him about the impending catastrophe, but he called it a dangerous hoax, the propaganda of the rival Democratic Party in cahoots with the fake media. The US was caught unprepared for the pandemic, mainly because of Trump’s irresponsible behavior. Some Trump supporters cite the example of other Western democracies such as the UK for being caught off guard. But the reality is that the US is already home to the most significant number of coronavirus deaths. He continued his reckless behavior by stopping the funding for the WHO, right at a time when it is needed the most. He has also carelessly tweeted in support of the protesters who are demanding an end to the lockdown. The check that every American who makes less than $ 75,000 a year will receive as part of the stimulus package will now have his name on it as if he is the king and Americans are his subjects,” said the Washington, D.C.-based journalist.

Former R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing) Officer, R.K. Yadav is in the headlines since the last few months due to his fascinating book, Nuclear Bomb in Ganga. 

While sharing his opinion on Trump’s visit to India, the author said, “I think neither PM Modi nor Trump was aware of Corona menace during the American President’s visit to India on 24-25 Feb. There are two possibilities. If they were aware and decided to carry on with the plan, they are the biggest enemy of their citizens. If they were not aware of the bigger consequences given its effect in China, we could say that both took the COVID-19 pandemic lightly.”

“I think India should have had rebuked Trump for his indirect threat concerning lifting the ban on the export of the anti-malaria drug rather than giving up to his demand,” said the author of the book Mission R&AW in his email interaction with us.


Former VP of Sahara India Pariwar, in charge of Mumbai and Delhi channels-Rajiv K Bajaj, shared his opinion on the issue.

“The WHO itself had not gone into the “catastrophe warning mode” it went into in March. So President Donald Trump’s grouse against the WHO is somewhat justified. Do remember, the Head of WHO is not even a Medical Doctor but a Chinese stooge (in fact, the medical side is being managed by the Brilliant Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, our own Dr. M S Swamnathan’s daughter). So, when President Trump came to India, he had as much inkling of the dangers of COVID-19 as Prime Minister Modi,” said Bajaj.

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