Women are several steps ahead of men in many areas. Now the surprising part! Several studies have suggested that women are much more concerned about their gums, teeth, and they change their toothbrush earlier than men.

One of Britain’s leading dental care clinics conducted a study to understand how often people change their toothbrush. The survey involved 1000 patients. Men prefer to use their usual brush or electric brush for at least 185 days; on the other hand, women change the same within 92 days. For men, their habit can be good for the wallet, but definitely not worth appreciating for gums and teeth health.

Researchers involved in the study also shared the information that women, on average, buy mouthwashes, toothpaste, and toothbrushes of around $52 every year. On the other side, when it comes to dental care expenditure, men just spend $29 annually. As far as electric toothbrushes are concerned, 57 percent of the surveyed women use the same.

Using the partner’s toothbrush

Using your partner’s toothbrush sounds romantic, doesn’t it? What’s worth laughing is seven out of ten males agreed during the study that they use their woman’s toothbrush to brush their teeth sometimes. But, an ignorable number of women said they use their husband or boyfriend’s toothbrush. This also indicates that women are much more concerned about bacteria and oral health.

“Women take oral health much more seriously compared to men. Women spend twice the amount spent by men on oral care, and perhaps this is the reason they have healthier gums as well as teeth. They also opt for teeth whitening and other dental procedures,”-said the dental expert involved in the research.

Your toothbrush is exposed to bacteria, viruses, and germs on a daily basis. So, dental experts like those at Tempefamilydental.com believe that using it for more than three months can prove to be risky. Men often take the risk, and this can easily impact their oral health.

Women do replace their toothbrush before it’s too late

Remember, a toothbrush with frayed bristles won’t be able to clean your teeth properly. Thus, experts suggest users should replace their toothbrush at least once every three to four months. Unfortunately, this is something that does not happen. It won’t be wrong to say that most people start thinking about replacing their toothbrush only after the existing one starts losing bristles. When it comes to clothes and shoes, people immediately replace them when they start appearing worn out. But, people simply fail to do the same when it comes to the toothbrush.

As far as removing the plague is concerned, it’s clear that a new one can remove more and offer effective cleaning. The most appreciated way to increase the effectiveness of the brush is by soaking it in antiseptic mouthwash for a few minutes every day.

Fortunately, there are several toothbrushes available in the markets around the world that have a color change feature. Once the bristles are worn out, they change their color, and the user can switch to a new brush. Using such brushes can prove to be ideal for those who use their toothbrush until its bristles start falling off one by one.



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