Nitten’s content for agencies

I am a content writing/journalism professional with nine years of experience developing blog posts, articles, and press releases for print and digital media platforms.


SQ and HQ content


I offer Grammarly passed, well-researched, HQ content at Rs 250 per 500 words piece. I also provide Super Quality content (Non-Tech) at an extremely affordable rate, Rs 125 per 500 words post. As far as quality is concerned, clients do not even need to proofread my content.


Here’re some of my recently published (HQ) blog posts:


Dental care


Can teeth end up with stains during braces/Invisalign treatment? How to avoid staining?


Why do I get cavities despite brushing and flossing my teeth twice a day?


Here’s everything that you should know about tooth cupping




Rise Of On Demand Apps During COVID 19


Why The Demand For AI Increase During The Pandemic Era


7 Trends in Mobile App & Web Development Industry


Here’re five eCommerce platforms perfect for setting up an online store in


Here’re crucial benefits of Ecosmob Asterisk-based conferencing solutions


5 Hacks to Make Ecommerce Websites Highly Effective



10 Features Every Helpdesk Ticketing System Must Have



Here’s A Quick Guide To Building An App For Parking Place Reservation


6 tips that can help you choose the best full-stack developer


Is your VoIP network protected? Here are tips to avoid call fraud


Loyalty Programs


Here’re Ways To Attract Customers Towards Your Loyalty Program


Here’s How CX Management Drastically Improves Customer Loyalty And Retention


E-learning solutions


Compare Custom & Readymade E-Learning Development Solutions




Press Releases


Munimji launches a combined course for practical accounting and finance


SSI provides IoT-based solutions for veterinary healthcare data analysis


Smart Sight Innovations Has Developed Innovative Solutions for a Maritime E-Commerce Solution Company


Smart Sight Innovations Launches Revamped Website for ZendyHealth’s Bidding Platform


Here’re some of my recently published (SQ) blog posts:


Photographs can seal or break the property deal


Here’s how content rights affect streaming services


What’s unique about Y30 from Vivo?


How to increase property value before selling?


My academic background:

SSC from Katariya High School, Pune

HSC from Rao Saheb Patwardhan College, Pune

Diploma in Cyber Law from Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune

BA Degree (Hindi Literature) from Mumbai University

Diploma in Journalism (Alison Online)


: Nitten Gokhaley


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